Why New York is the 'The Naked City'

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New York, Aug 20 (ANI): New Yorkers need not visit a strip club, as photographer Zach Hyman snaps nude babes on the streets and trains in the city.

Passengers on the L train were flabbergasted when actress Jocelyn Saldana stripped for a shoot.

The hottie went nude for thirty seconds while the controversial snapper clicked her pics for his portrait series of naked New Yorkers.

Also, Alex Reisner, a 20-year-old Columbia student, stripped for him in Chinatown.

"Photographing females in public is easier than males. People see a naked woman and they smile. They see a penis and they freak out," the New York Post quoted him as saying.

He said: "In Times Square, there are cops everywhere. It seemed that always right before or after the shoot, a cop car would roll by. Thankfully, we never needed bail money. But I have a clean record, so I'm open to the experience of getting arrested.

"We all have these parts-it's one of the unifying aspects of being human." (ANI)

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