Largest dino footprints in Europe discovered in Swiss Alps

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London, August 19 (ANI): Scientists have found the largest dinosaur footprints ever to be discovered in Europe, which are discovered half way up a Swiss mountain.

According to a report in the Telegraph, a team of paleontologists from the Natural History Museum in Basel found the prints at 3,300 metres on a mountain in Ela Nature Reserve, Switzerland's largest park.

The 15-inch-long prints belonged to a carnivore from the Triassic period that would have been the biggest predator on the planet at the time.

The three-toed animal, which probably measured between 15 and 20 feet long, walked through what is now the Swiss Alps more than 210 million years ago, experts said.

The footprints were originally made when the region was a huge tropical coast before millions of years of geological pressure folded the land into mountains. (ANI)

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