Meet Poppy the cat that travelled 100km clinging to underside of Car

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Melbourne, Aug 18 (ANI): A Kiwi cat reportedly travelled for 100km clinging to the underside of a car.

Poppy, a Burmese cat, is believed to have climbed into the undercarriage of a car belonging to friends visiting owner Sandra Stent in the North Island town of Levin, near Wellington.

The friends had assured Stent the cat had not been hiding on board or in the boot and went on their way, not knowing that Poppy was clinging to the underbelly of the car all the way to Hunterville.

During the journey, she either fell off or jumped off, breaking her tail in the process, but her adventures just did not end there.

The three-year-old spent three cold weeks hunting for food, nursing her wounds, and bunking down on farmland, before she was seen lurking by a gun-toting farmer.

According to David Guylee, had it not been for her lucky red tag, she would have been shot.

"We're trying to get native birds back around here, so we're getting rid of all the feral cats," quoted Guylee as having told the Dominion Post newspaper.

"Any wild cats get a bullet and Poppy would have got one too if she hadn't had that collar on," he added.

Things nearly went awry again when chew marks blotted out the last three digits of Poppy's owner's mobile number, but after 30 calls the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals "fluked it" by reaching a thrilled Stent.

A malnourished and battle-worn Poppy has since been returned home to royal treatment, and nightly meals of chicken to fatten her up. (ANI)

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