Term 'blacklisted' banned in UK over fears it is offensive or prejudice

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London, August 17 (ANI): A charity network in Britain has banned the term 'blacklisted' over fears that it is offensive or prejudice.

The Citizens Advice service has instead replaced this term with 'blocklisting', in a bid to avoid "fostering stereotypes".

Both terms are used in IT, and mean the same thing-that is, lists of computers or computer networks which have been identified as sending spam.

According to The Daily Mail, staff at the quango have been emailed saying the move has been made to keep "in line with aims and principles of the Citizens Advice service."

"We have replaced the term 'blacklisting' with 'blocklisting' in line with the aims and principles of the Citizens Advice service. You are probably aware that the whole service's email has been intermittently blocked up two twice this week for some time now," the Telegraph quoted the email about internet spam, which was sent to staff, as reading.

"This is because spam sent from within the service causes us all to be blocklisted," the mail added.

John Midgley, co-founder of the campaign against political correctness, said: "This is just daft and another example of political correctness going over the top."

A Citizens Advice spokesman said: "Our approach to language is not prescriptive or dogmatic, but where we know or become aware that something is offensive, fosters stereotypes or prejudice, or is inaccurate, it makes sense and is respectful to use alternatives." (ANI)

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