Baloch insurgency could hamper Pak Govt.'s drive against Taliban: Report

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Lahore, Aug.16 (ANI): The Baloch unrest could seriously dent the Pakistan Government's operation against the Taliban and its economy as well, a report in the Financial Times has said.

According to the report, the insurgency in Balochistan could distract security forces from tackling the Taliban along the lawless Afghan border and the Swat Valley.

Separatists are targeting important buildings and other strategic installations in the region and have asked outsiders to leave as soon as possible.

"They are openly telling the Punjabis, 'Leave while you can.' While everyone is worried about Swat, Balochistan is getting out of control," a senior provincial security official said.

Balochis have long been demanding a share in the revenue earned by the government from selling natural gas obtained from gas reserves situated in the province.

"We are the richest in terms of mineral resources, but also the poorest in terms of economic well-being," said Chief Minister Nawab Aslam Raisani.

Political leaders are also of the view that Balochistan should be given its due share in the revenue.

"All the proceeds from the gas have to come to Balochistan," said alochistan National Party chief Abdul Malik Baloch

Malik said the government must withdraw armed forces from the region to establish faith among the local people.

"Military should be withdrawn from the province as part of a necessary reconciliation process that must begin to address ways of overcoming the anger in Balochistan," he said. (ANI)

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