Simple remedies to prevent Swine Flu

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New Delhi, Aug 13: Swine Flu or the H1N1 virus may not have affected all the of country, but the scare and the panic is definitely something that is haunting the general public.

It is important to noted that contracting Swine Flu can be prevented just as easily as keeping a common flu or cold at bay. It all comes down to basic practices and economic remedies. A flu can only affect when there is lack of immunity in the body. So here are a few steps to improve your immunity.

Common Herbs or Plants

  • Tulsi or Holy Basil: The herb which is probably the most commonly seen plant in Indian households is there for more than just poojas. When ingested either as paste or juice, the herb can not only heighten your immunity by building resistance it can also speed up the recovery process of an affected person. Simplest way to get these benefits is eating five washed leaves every day.
  • Aloe Vera, not only a commonly available plant but also a commonly used ingredient in medicines and in cosmetics too can help boost immunity. By extracting a teaspoon of the gel from the sap of its cactus like leaves mixed with water can not only work against Swine flu but also help your skin glow and do away with joint pains.
  • Giloi, a commonly available plant in many regions too boosts immunity. The herb (1 foot long branch) combined with Tulsi ( six leaves) must be boiled with water for 10 to 15 minutes and allowed to be cooled. Some black pepper and sendha (salt used during religious fasts), rock or black salt, or Misri (crystalised sugar) added to the concoction and ingested when warm helps keep H1N1 away. If the herb is not available you can buy giloi powder from Hamdard or others, and a similar drink can be made.

Home-based items

  • If you can bear the pungent smell and taste of Garlic then taking two raw pods of garlic in the morning with warm water will build resistance.
  • Camphor or Karpoor can be swallowed once a month. While the adults can swallow it with water, the children can be made to take it by mixing the powder with mashed potato or banana. But this must be only taken once a month and not frequently.
  • If you are not repulsed by milk then you can drink a glass of warm milk with a small measure of turmeric added to it in the nights.
  • Citrus fruits rich in Vit C one of the most common remedies advised for the common cold too can help prevent Swine flu.

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Alternative medicines

  • Homeopathic medicines like Pyrogenium 200 and Inflenzium 200 can taken in doses of 5 tablets three times a day or two-three drops three times a day. Even though they are not specifically made for the H1N1 it can act as a preventive agent against common flu.

Exercise and Simple practices

  • Go for morning walks or jogs. If you have been putting it away just because you thought obesity was not a threat, here comes swine flu to help you get off the bed and exercise. Yoga and Pranayam (breathing exercises) under the guidance of a master is the best option.
  • Of course habits like washing hands often or keeping a hand sanitizer with you all the time could go a long way.

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