Radio Pakistan still obsessed with Sikhs' rights

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Abohar, Aug.13 (ANI): The Punjabi Durbar programme of Radio Pakistan seems to be obsessed with the welfare of Sikhs in India, unaware that Sikhs are being driven out of parts of Pakistan.

In its recent Punjabi Darbar programme, Radio Pakistan has again talked about the need to have a separate state for Sikhs, which it claims was promised by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

Reacting to the bulletin, Gurvinder Singh, General Secretary of Shri Guru Nanak Sewak Dal Simran Society, said such comments regarding formation of another State other than Punjab, are unwarranted for Sikhs in a country which is being led by a Sikh himself.

"Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has stated that he is an Indian first and a Sikh later. For Manmohan Singh, his nationality comes first and religion next. It represents his modesty and humility," said Gurvinder Singh, General Secretary of Shri Guru Nanak Sewak Dal Simran Society.

"India is a democratic country. People of all the religions and regions enjoy equal importance in all the sectors. The appointment of Iqbal Singh as the Lieutenant Governor of Pondicherry shows that everybody is given equal status and rights in the country. Pakistan talks of Sikhs' welfare with the objective of creating tension in our country," Gurvinder Singh added.

Pakistan is fighting the Taliban, which has been created by it. Its political system is under stress and there is a consistent fear of a coup. Still Radio Pakistan remains obsessed with creating tension in India.

Pakistan should remember that Sikhs had to leave their towns and villages during Partition when their families were attacked. They are happy in India, and would work for the unity and integrity of the country. The propaganda by Radio Pakistan will only make them feel stronger in their conviction. (ANI)

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