Swat tribesmen turning the tables on the Taliban

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Lahore, Aug.10 (ANI): Residents of Mingora, one of the main cities of the Swat Valley in Pakistan, have long been used to seeing bullet-riddled bodies dumped on the streets.

But now, according to the Daily Times, the pattern has reversed. The security forces and families of their former victims are hunting down the Taliban.

There have been reports of bodies of the Taliban being slung from electricity poles and bridges in various towns of Swat.

Last week, a tribal force killed two Taliban fighters in a village near Kalam and left their bodies hanging from an electricity pole.

Similar incidents have been reported from Malakand, Batkhela and Thana. In many cases there were notes left on the bodies warning of a similar fate for "all enemies of the state".

Some of the notes urged people not to remove the bodies.

Army officials, however, deny that troops were involved in the killings.

Analysts say it could not happen without the army's blessing.

In one of the most brutal incidents about a week before the army offensive in the valley, the Taliban had captured and beheaded four officers of a commando unit. (ANI)

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