UK's strongest schoolboy can pick up cars, carry parents above his head!

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London, August 6 (ANI): A 17-year-old boy has been named Britain's strongest schoolboy as he can pick up cars and carry his parents above his head.

Chris Morgan who weighs19th 10lbs participated in a national contest in Kent, where he endured six back-breaking events, to be crowned the UK's Strongest Schoolboy.

Some of the stunts included dragging a 120kg beer keg across 25 metres in a farmer's walk, lifting 75kg of logs, flipping 360kg of tyres and deadweight lifts.

Recently, he was asked by his teacher at Pool Hayes School, where he studies economics, psychology, and PE, to pick up a car at the school sports day.

Since then he has lifted a friend's 1,400kg Renault Clio and a 920kg Ford Fiesta.

The macho boy is handy at home too lifting tumble dryers and sofas so his mother can clean under them.

Morgan got interested in strong man competitions after watching the World's Strongest Man show early in his life.

"I have watched it every Christmas since I was eight. So I started going to the gym when I was about 13 and enjoyed it and thought I could give it a go," the Telegraph quoted him as saying.

He said: "It feels pretty good to have the title. I was confident that I was going to come out the winner."

The boy from Willenhall, Wolverhampton consumes 5,000 calories a day and trains four to five times a week.

His diet consists of breakfast that includes a bowl of oats, four to five eggs on toast, followed by a protein shake a few hours later.

He usually follows it up with a tuna sandwich for lunch, along with another shake, fruit and yogurts and the odd peanut butter sandwich, while in dinner he has meats, pasta and lots of carbohydrates.

However, the food comes at a high price for his parents Debbie and Ray, so much so that they cannot afford to go for a holiday.

Debbie, a concession manager, said: "We have not been able to afford a holiday for years because we keep feeding him." (ANI)

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