Nothing has changed: US sends out stern message to N. Korea

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Washington, Aug.6 (ANI): There is no visible change in the interaction between the United States and North Korea, despite the latter taking the unprecedented step of releasing two American journalists at the behest of former president Bill Clinton.

On Wednesday, the Obama administration sent out a stern message to Pyongyang, the sum total of which was nothing has changed.

While President Obama celebrated the emotional reunion of the journalists, Laura Ling and Euna Lee, with their families, he said Mr. Clinton's "humanitarian mission" did not ease the demands of the United States and many allies that North Korea alter its behavior if it wants to escape its isolation."

Obama administration officials are calculating whether the psychology in North Korea has changed in a way that might create opportunities for resolving the long confrontation over that country's nuclear ambitions.

They were also evaluating preliminary impressions brought back by Clinton and the other Americans, and any diplomatic signals Kim might have been trying to convey.

Administration officials said the White House had no plans to change its strategy for negotiating with North Korea, which involves imposing strict sanctions on the government and inviting it back to multiparty negotiations only if it agrees to give up its nuclear weapons program.

Clinton had short phone conversations with President Obama and his wife Hillary Clinton, who is traveling in Africa, reports the New York Times.

After delivering Ms. Ling and Ms. Lee to their families at an airport in Burbank, California, Clinton flew to his home in Chappaqua, New York. (ANI)

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