Brits shocked over bungling Muslim suicide bombers comedy

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London, Aug.5 (ANI): A shock new comedy about bungling Muslim suicide bombers has sparked a storm of fury among people in Britain.

The comedy titled "Living With The Infidels" features a five strong gang who plan to wipe out Bradford with a chemical bomb so they can all go to "Paradise".

One character called Psycho Ali invents a lead-lined codpiece to protect his privates for when he meets the 72 virgins promised to martyrs, reports The Sun.

Former advertising commercials director Aasaf Ainapore made the series, which launches on Youtube later this month.

Ainapore admitted that normal TV channels were "uneasy" about screening it.

Last night, a shocked Veronica Cassidy, whose son Ciaran, 22, died in the London Tube bombings, was quoted by the tabloid, as saying: "Who is going to find this funny? I won't be watching it." (ANI)

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