Pentagon establishes special cell to focus on Pak, Afghan conflict

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Lahore, Aug 4 (ANI):A new war room focusing entirely on the conflicts in Afghanistan and Pakistan sits deep inside a cavernous basement of Pentagon. This cell has become a visible symbol of how much the related conflicts have become US Chiefs of Joint Staff Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen's war, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Created by Admiral Mullen, the Pakistan Afghanistan Coordination Cell is intended to bring together the Pentagon's top strategy and intelligence experts.

Stripped of cubicle walls and lined with desks, the cavernous room with fluorescent lights looks something like an old-style newsroom or steno pool.

"Admiral Mullen understands the Pentagon has to change from planning wars to fighting them," said Major General Michael T Flynn, who served as Mullen's intelligence officer, then joined the command in Afghanistan.

The intent is to draw in experts on Afghanistan from all the military services as well as civilians who have experience in that country and expertise on Afghan politics, the insurgency, narcotics and other issues.

The initiative will create a bench of experts who will eventually rotate back and forth between the US and Afghanistan.

Brigadier General Scott Miller, head of the coordination cell, said, "Mullen understands it is going to take his personal involvement if we are not going to just do business as usual."

By law, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs has no official power to directly oversee troops. Still, Mullen's hand can be seen throughout the new US military strategy for the two countries, the Daily Times reported.

The new strategy includes sending 21,000 additional US troops to Afghanistan. But it also makes a much deeper commitment to counterinsurgency.

To implement it, Admiral Mullen worked with Defence Secretary Robert M Gates to oust the previous US commander in Afghanistan, General David D McKiernan. Mullen's top aide, General Stanley A McChrystal, was installed in his place. (ANI)

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