Immigrants will have to prove patriotism to get British passport

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London, Aug. 2 (ANI): In a bid to secure British passport, immigrants will have to prove their patriotism for UK under a new citizenship system.

Under the new set of rules to be announced by Home Secretary Alan Johnson on Monday, foreigners will be penalised for what is deemed "unBritish" behaviour.

According to Home Office sources, "unBritish" behaviour would cover unpatriotic acts like protesting against British troops, News of the world reports.

"Points could be deducted for those who fail to integrate into British life. This would be anti-social behaviour. Basically, act like a yob and you won't get through to the probationary citizenship stage," they said.

Applicants would also be denied passports if they have a history of anti-social behaviour - even if they have never been convicted.

Tough new rules mean it would take up to ten years to get a passport.

A separate system was introduced last year under which immigrants have to earn points - based on skills and qualifications - to be allowed to stay here.

Currently they have to work here for five years as a temporary resident before they are handed one.

"You could be looking at up to 10 years to get a passport and this new points system will make it easier to turn down those we don't think Britain needs," sources said.

Recently, Johnson had said that he wanted a tougher system for citizenship in order to control swelling immigrant population.

"I am determined not to have an open borders policy. My citizenship proposals will require people earn points for, among other things, their skills, job and qualifications. Bad behaviour will be penalised," he said. (ANI)

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