Tibetan woodcarving is popular in Leh

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Leh, July 31 (ANI): The traditional art of Tibetan woodcarving is becoming popular in Leh.

Residents have taken to Tibetan woodcarving in order to satisfy their creative instincts and at the same time earn their sustenance. They use it to decorate beams, pillars and temple niches.

Woodcarving is of three kinds; decorative carvings for home use, scripture-carvings and mould carvings.

Nowadays, Tibetan woodcarvers also make traditional and ceremonial carved furniture, such as altars of all sizes, elaborate thrones, folding tables and incense burners.

Once completed, the carved pieces are polished or painted in rich colors in accordance with Tibetan tradition.

But learning the art for them like Padam Gyalpo has not been easy. It has taken him years to master this art.

"I learnt this art of wood carving from my brother. It's easy to do in the beginning. I came to Leh two years back and learnt how to design on wood and which type of wood have to be used for specific wooden works," said Gyalpo.

Nawang Tsering, a shopkeeper said that the government should open a big showroom in Leh to facilitate the supply of their products to bigger cities across India.

"The government should open a big showroom here from where the workers can supply their craft to big cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata and all the major corners of India," said Tsering.

Woodcarving is one of the important forms of art for the Ladakhis and they create exclusive designs on wood.

The low carved and painted tables called "Chogtse" in Ladakhi language, are an essential part of the furnishing of every Ladakhi home. Woodcarving is a characteristic feature of Ladakhi architecture.

Wooden columns, beams and lintels are painted and carved with beautiful designs. By Jigmet Angchuk (ANI)

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