Jodhpur celebrates Lord Shiva wedding

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Jodhpur, July 29 (ANI): A large number of people in Jodhpur on Tuesday witnessed the wedding of Lord Shiva on the occasion of holy Shravan month (July-August) and sought happiness and prosperity for all.

The ritual of organising Lord Shiva's wedding and taking out a religious procession on this occasion has become an annual affair here at a few major Shiva temples and it draws thousands of devotees.

Ardent devotees of Lord Shiva converged at the Dudheshwar Mahadev temple, near Swasti Gate of Jodhpur.

Devotees danced and chanted praises of Lord Shiva during the procession on the beats of band and traditional drums. A few of the participants were dressed as Hindu deities and demons. The devotees enacted Lord Shiva's marriage with Parvati, which is performed here during Shravan month.

The procession was taken out from the Dudeshwar temple at 8.30 p.m and returned at the temple after taking a round of the city; passing through streets and lanes and being showered by petals by people on both sides of their route.

Organisers of the Lord's wedding said that the ceremony creates an aura of spirituality and has a positive effect on the environment.

"This wedding is organised during the Shravan month (July-August) as per Hindu calendar. We stage the wedding of Lord Shiva and Parvati. It is aimed at creating an atmosphere of spirituality, so that people keep their faith. It has a positive effect on the environment," said Ghanshyam Parihar, organiser.

Excited on acting as Gods for a day, the devotees said that this occasion gives them an opportunity to spread goodwill and to pray that the monsoon brings cheer and well-being.

"It is organised here every year. We hope that people keep coming here every year, and enjoy the procession. And I am enjoying playing Shiva," said Dilip Soni, a local boy playing Shiva's role the wedding.

A series of fairs and festivals mark the month of Shravan across the country.

Married women in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and other parts of the country celebrate Teej festival, dedicated to Lord Shiva and Parvati.

Also, millions of Lord Shiva devotees, popularly known as Kanwarias, visit Haridwar and during their return, carry holy water in Kanwars, a bamboo stick with two small pots hanging on both ends, on their shoulders.

On their return from Haridwar to their native temples , they offer this collected holy Ganga water to Lord Shiva as 'Jalabhishekh' to please him. By Yogesh Dave(ANI)

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