Divorces over husbands' unusual libido

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Kuala Lumpur, Jul 27: Two Malay women are said to have filed for divorce from their husbands on the ground that they have an unusual sex drive that is linked to black magic.

According to Metro Ahad, Syarie Lawyers Association deputy president Musa Awang said, in the first case, the couple had been married for a year.

"The riddle to the husband's unnatural sex drive was answered when a relative of the wife saw the husband in the house when the family had seen him left for work earlier," the Star Online quoted Awang as saying.

"The relative heard the husband's voice in the bedroom and upon checking, found an 'individual' in the room looking exactly like the husband," he said.

Awang said that the wife had since filed a complaint with the religious department and applied for fasakh, which means ending a marriage by the Syariah Court after hearing the wife's complaint.

In the other case, Perubatan Islam Mustajab specialist Nazri Md Isa said that an 18-year-old woman had filed for fasakh after her husband asked her for sex more than 10 times a day.

Nazri said that according to the wife, the husband had the ritual of going to the bathroom before having sex with her.

"It all started when he had sex with her 17 times on their wedding night. The wife did not suspect anything then as she thought he was merely performing his duty as a husband," Nazri said.

"But when the situation persisted, she discussed the matter with her mother-in-law, who told her that it was a normal behaviour.

"She told her own mother, who brought her to the religious department to file a report because the latter thought it was sexual abuse," he said.

When an investigation was carried, it was found that the husband's demeanour was strange.

The wife and her family had a shock when they found "two individuals" that look alike in the bathroom.

Religious leader Datuk Abu Hasan Din Al-Hafiz claimed that it was not impossible for a man to have sex many times in one night if he was 'friendly with the devil'.

"It is not impossible for the devil to have carnal intercourse with the man's wife," he said.

"This happens because the devil can appear to look like the husband," he added.

He further said that while it was normal for a man to want sex two or three times a day, anything more than the usual would most probably not be the husband but the devil.


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