Pakistan not providing any terror safe havens to extremists: Qureshi

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London, July 26 (ANI): Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said that his country is not providing any terror safe havens to terror groups.

Qureshi said Islamabad does not want the country's soil to be used for carrying out nefarious activities against any other nation.

In an interview with the Sunday Times, Qureshi stressed that Pakistan is committed to acting against all those challenging its writ.

"We are clear we have to deal with all elements that are challenging the writ of the government and making Pakistan or other places insecure," Qureshi said, adding, "We don't want our soil, our national territory, to be used against anyone."

Commenting on the US' demand for securing its border along Afghanistan and deploying more troops at key points on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, Qureshi said there is a need for better coordination at the military level.

"Pushing the buck over won't solve the problem as with such a porous border the buck will just go back again," he added.

Qureshi clarified that there were no such thing as a'good' Taliban or a 'bad' Taliban and that all extremists would be treated equally.

"We're no more differentiating between good terrorists and bad terrorists. They've created havoc, made our environment insecure, and wherever they are, we'll take them on," he said.

When asked specifically whether that means action against the top Taliban commander Mullah Mohammed Omar and his Quetta shura, which runs the Afghan Taliban, Qureshi said: "Absolutely, we'll be taking them on." (ANI)

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