Paddy crops affected by delayed monsoon in Uttar Pradesh

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Kushinagar (UP), July 23(ANI): With clouds nowhere to be seen on the horizon, farmers in Kushinagar of Uttar Pradesh are on their knees praying for the mercy of weather gods.

Paddy fields here have begun to show signs of cracking with the crop wilting away under the harsh rays of sun.

"It hasn't rained anywhere. Our crop has dried. We are solely dependant on the rains. If it rains well, we have a good crop and if it does not rain, we don't have any crop during the year," said Mansa Devi, a farmer.

The farmers have spent whatever meagre money they had in buying seeds, manure and tilling their fields.

And with the rains playing truant, they are a worried lot, unaware as to what is in store for them in the coming days.

"Whatever money we had, we have used in sowing the paddy crop. We have no money left to invest in buying pump sets to draw underground water and irrigate the fields.

That's why our crop is drying. If it doesn't rain in four to five days, our crop will completely destroy and we will die of hunger," said Gama Chauahan, another farmer.

The canals which pass through their area are completely dry.

Fortunately, a leader who was a state minister has assured the farmers that their woes are being brought to the notice of the State Government for remedial measures.

"I spoke to the irrigation minister to release the water in canals. The Minister considering the serious problem of the farmers here has instructed the canals to be cleared up and water should be released in them. For that reason, the canals are being cleared and soon there will be water and farmers will be able to irrigate their fields," said Swami Prasad Maurya, former Cooperative Minister of Uttar Pradesh.

While the farmers have appreciated Maurya's initiative, they have contended that it may be too late by the time water reaches their almost dead paddy fields.

Further, the farmers have pointed out that they only have less than a week's time to see their drooping and half dead paddy crop resurrecting while the bright blue and clear skies are yet to show signs of being overcast for some welcome showers. By Pawan Kumar Shah (ANI)

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