Bison creates havoc in tea garden in Jalpaiguri

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Jalpaiguri (West Bengal), July 22 (ANI): After hours of struggle and putting up a good fight, forest officials on Wednesday, trapped and tranquillised a bison that ventured out of its wild habitat and instilled fear amongst villagers in Kadambani tea garden of Jalpaiguri district in West Bengal.

The bison was found running through a village in the vicinity of the tea garden, destroying whatever came its way.

The scared villagers called the forest officials who after hours of chasing were able to trap the beast.

The forest officials present on the spot said that bisons venture out of the forest mostly during the dry season in search of fodder. But this time it could be because of the long dry spell and lack of food for the herbivore.

"Natural time for bisons to venture out of the jungle is March and April because that time it is very dry," said Proloy Kumar Dey, veterinary doctor, forest department, Jalpaiguri.

The 'gaur' or the Indian bison is an endangered species and found mostly in protected sanctuaries.

Its habitat is threatened by human encroachment hence forcing them to venture into villages in search of food. (ANI)

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