Now, a device that 'translates a dog's barks into words'

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London, July 21 (ANI): Your dog will soon start talking to you, all thanks to Japanese inventors who have come up with a device that can detect a dog's emotion from its bark and translate it into human words.

The talking gadget called Bowlingual Voice is developed by Japanese toymaker Takara Tomy.

It detects six emotions in total- including sadness, joy and frustration - with a recorded repertoire of spoken phrases such as "play with me".

The revolutionary gadget comprises of a microphone placed around the dog's neck and a hand-held unit-operating device for pet owners to carry, reports The Telegraph.

When the dog barks, the microphone records the sound and transmits the data to the owner's hand-held device, which then "translates" it into what the dog is apparently suggesting.

A speech synthesizer audibly makes the owner aware of the dog's intentions, which also appears on the screen of the wireless hand-held unit.

An answering machine function can also record the dog's expressions of desire when owners are absent.

The technologically modified version of a basic model introduced seven years ago will be available for 129 pounds in Japan from next month.

The original Bowlingual translated emotions onto a screen without sound. (ANI)

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