Farmers in Jammu and Kashmir apprehend lower rice production due to lack of rain

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RS Pura (Jammu and Kashmir), July 19(ANI): Farmers in Jammu and Kashmir's RS Pura region, which is renowned for fine basmati rice, are apprehending bad days as their paddy fields have turned into parched lands due to lack of rain.

The paddy fields in the region those are normally green at this time of the year, currently presents a dry and dismal picture owing to lack of rain and non-availability of water for irrigation.

"This time because of the lack of rain, the basmati rice will be sown late, and secondly the water channel is also dry," said Paramjit Singh, a farmer.

Another local resident, Veero Devi, shared her worries as to what they would eat if the crops fail.

"We are in a lot of trouble because there is no rain. There is no rice, if it does not rain after this as well, what will we do? We are poor, what will we eat?" said Veero Devi.

The semi fine and coarse varieties of paddy have already suffered, and if it does not rain the Basmati sowing will suffer as well.

Paddy fields here have begun to show signs of cracking with the crop wilting away under the harsh rays of sun.

Meanwhile, officials of the Agriculture Department say that if it does not rain by July 25, government would have to resort to delayed transplanting which would mean 50 per cent loss in the overall yield.

"If it rains by July 25, it will be a great relief. But if it does not we will have to think of contingency. We will then have to resort to delayed transplanting. But delayed transplanting has its adverse results; it will lead to a major decrease of about 50 percent in the crop," said K K Sharma, Deputy Director of the Directorate of Agriculture. (ANI)

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