25pct Brits think 1969 moon landing was hoax

Posted By: Staff
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London, July 18 (ANI): One fourth of Britons believe that the 1969 Apollo 11 mission moon landings were nothing but a hoax, according to a survey.

A total of 1009 people participated in the survey for E andT magazine, published by the Institution of Engineering and Technology.

And eleven of those surveyed thought that it was Buzz Lightyear, The Toy Story film character, was the first person on the Moon.

And eight persons thought that the late jazz musician Louis Armstrong made the first moon walk.ot quite three quarters correctly answered that Neil Armstrong took the first step onto the Moon.

Eleven per cent of people polled thought the Apollo programme was a recent as the 1980s, while just 68 per cent knew that the first moon landing took place in 1969.

A big 44 per cent considered the missions to be a waste of money.

"The Apollo moon landing is mankind's most outstanding engineering event so it's deeply worrying that such a large number of people should think the first moon walk never happened and that the public's belief in the legitimacy of science and technology seems to be declining over time," the Telegraph quoted E andT Editor-in-Chief Dickon Ross as saying. (ANI)

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