Boy 'dragged out of his home by ghost'

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New Delhi, July 14(ANI): A 13-year-old boy has claimed that a ghost attacked him when he was alone at his home.

Daniel Wilkins, from Hartlepool, Teeside, insists that he was relaxing on the sofa when an invisible force dragged him across the room and out into the street.

His mother came back home to find him standing outside the house and the main door locked from inside, the China Daily reports.

Beverley, the child's mother, told the Daily Star "I know it sounds mad but there is no other explanation. Daniel hasn't done it to himself. He said he was sitting on the sofa listening to music when he suddenly felt someone grab him and pick him up.

"His feet came off the floor, then someone started pushing him towards the living room door.

"Whatever it was then tried to push him into the kitchen. He said the front door flew open and he was grabbed by the arms and pushed into the street."

However, the local priest Father Richard Masshedar has promised to help the family.

He said: "I went to see the family to offer prayers. We take it one step at a time and the first step was for me to visit the family with a church warden."

The neighbors too are scared after the incident.

A local resident added: "We are all scared to death in case whatever it is decides to move in with us." (ANI)

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