Recognition of Israel as Jewish state key to peace with Palestine: Netanyahu

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Jerusalem, July 13 (ANI): Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has said that Palestine must recognise Israel as a Jewish state, and give up its demand to resettle the descendents of Palestinian refugees in Israel in order to attain peace.

"The key to peace lies in explicit and unequivocal recognition of Israel as the Jewish state on the part of the Palestinians. They must once and for all give up the demand to resettle inside of Israel the descendents of the refugees," The Jerusalem Post quoted Netanyahu, as saying.

Netanyahu added that the Palestinian leaders must say: "We have had enough of this conflict; we recognize Israel as Jewish; we will live alongside you in true peace.

"As soon as that is stated, a huge window to peace will be opened," he said.

Earlier, Netanyahu called on Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to meet with him as soon as possible in order to renew peace talks.

"Let's make peace - both diplomatic peace and economic peace. There is no reason why we can't meet, the Palestinian Authority president and I, anywhere in Israel, and since we are in Beersheba, I say, let's meet here," Netanyahu said at the start of a cabinet meeting in Beersheba hat was held there as an act of solidarity with the Negev capital.

"We've removed many roadblocks, we have decided to increase the operating hours of the Allenby Bridge for more goods, and I've decided to advance a series of projects with the Palestinians to promote peace. But all these efforts can only bring us to a certain point, and the results will be multiplied by the dozen if there is cooperation from the other side," he added.

Netanyahu also tried to reach out to Arab countries, saying: "Let's meet, let's cooperate... We have the ability to bring many players on board." (ANI)

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