Libyan extremist group severs ties with Al-Qaeda over 'indiscriminate violence'

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London, July 10 (ANI): What may be seen as a severe blow to Al-Qaeda, one of its ally, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) has decided to severe its ties with Osama bin Laden saying that the "indiscriminate bombings" and the "targeting of civilians" was not in accordance to its objectives.

This is the first such instance when an ally of Al-Qaeda has parted ways with it due to its policy of 'indiscriminate violence.'

The LIFG, which once aimed to topple Colonel Muammar Gaddafi in Libya, criticised Al-Qaeda for carrying out attacks on innocent civilians and said that such violent activities did not achieve the "aims of the group in removing oppression."

Officials believe that the LIFG's back out is a great blow to Al-Qaeda which is facing a massive surge by the US led allied forces in Afghanistan at the moment.

"LIFG figures had 'graduated to become major players' in al-Qaeda and the group's withdrawal amounted to a 'moral blow' to the network," The Telegraph quoted an official, as saying.

A statement issued by the LIFG claimed that the group had no link with Al-Qaeda in the past.

"The decision to join bin Laden's network had been invalid, and the LIFG had no link to the Al-Qaeda organisation in the past and has none now and we demand that those parties remove the name of the Fighting Group from those lists," the statement said.

During the 1990's the LIFG's leaders were forced out of Libya. They then escaped to Afghanistan and started coming closer to different extremists groups based there such as Al-Qaeda. (ANI)

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