Bin Laden's son describes his dad as evil in new memoir

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Washington, July 10 (ANI): Al Qaeda chief Osama bin laden's son, Omar, has described his father as an evil man in his new memoir.

According to the New York Daily News, Omar says that he first realized the depth of his father's evil when his beloved dogs were taken away and gassed in a chemical warfare experiment.

Omar also confirms that his father was tipped off to a 1998 U.S. attempt to kill him.

He writes that Bin Laden got a secret communication and fled his Afghan camp two hours before cruise missiles struck it.

Omar's book, "Growing Up Bin Laden," written with his mother, Najwa - the Al Qaeda leader's first wife - describes the ultimate dysfunctional family.

The Bin Ladens lived austerely as their father staked his horrific claim as the world's most wanted man. His son eventually concluded Bin Laden hated his enemies more than he loved his family.

Omar, 28, describes himself as weeping as a teenager when told that Al Qaeda needed his pets to conduct chemical warfare tests.

"After I learned the truth about the puppies, I turned even further away from my father," whose jihad led only to death, Omar writes in the book set for release by St. Martin's Press later this year.

He calls the 9/11 attacks "horrific."

They occurred after his best friend -Al Qaeda operative Abu al-Haadi - told him that a "new mission" would be much bigger than the embassy bombings.

Omar mourned al-Haadi's death in the resulting U.S. invasion of Afghanistan. (ANI)

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