'Racist' Oz Radio Jockey asks Indians to go home

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Sydney, Jul 2: Amid the continuing reports of alleged racist attaaks on Indian students in Australia, a presenter for a New South Wales community radio station has reportedly been reprimanded for several racist remarks, which included one statement where she urged attacked Indian students to go back home to study.

Terrie-Anne Verney, a presenter and sales representative for Griffith FM radio station 2MIA, was reprimanded after it was revealed that she was the administrator of several racist and anti-immigration groups on famous social networking website Facebook, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

According to reports, she was the administrator of group like 'F-ff, We're Full' and had joined groups like "Stop the Islamisation of Australia while we still can", "Australian Conservative United Party", the "Australian Protectionist Party" and "Australians against Multiculturalism".

She was reported to have written extremely rude comments about the recently attacked Indian students in Australia, saying that attacked Indian students were "playing the victim card" and the "shit around their head must do something to their brain".

"Maybe a gun to their head might help them get the hint that they are not wanted here!!," Verney reportedly wrote on one of her Facebook group.

In various posts on the site, she made a mockery of foreigners who did not have a good grasp of English.

"If we allow the Islamic faith to continue to grow, sooner or later the Australian way of life will be destroyed," Verney wrote in another post.

Meanwhile, Edna Wakley, president of the Griffith Community FM Association and station manager at 2MIA, has expressed disbelief at Verney's remarks, saying that she was unaware of the incident until Wednesday.

"It is disappointing that this staff member's actions could place a cloud over the integrity of this Association and all that it has achieved in Ethnic Broadcasting, multiculturalism and the community at large," a statement released by the radio station said.


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