Radio Pakistan continues to be wishful

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Abohar, July 1 (ANI): Pakistan, which was able to divide the Hindus and Sikhs in Punjab in the early eighties, hopes to recreate the situation if one has to believe the Punjabi Durbar programme broadcast recently.

Unmindful of the fact that the Government in Punjab is a coalition of the Akali Dal with the Bharatiya Janata Party, the programme has been stating that the Sikh community has not been given its due by 'Hindu dominated government'.

But Sikh scholars in Punjab have rubbished the latest attempt of the Radio Pakistan.

"According to me, the Sikhs never talk and think anything bad about anybody. Sikhs living in any part of the world never had a feeling of hatred towards any community or religion. So, the attempt to arouse the feelings of Sikhs will not have any effect on the people of the community," said Sardar Surjit Singh Bedi, a Sikh scholar.

"Pakistan is riven by divisions. The orthodox elements there want to prevent young girls from attending schools and not move out without veil. The number of Muslims is high in India in comparison to Pakistan but we have never heard of any complaint from any Muslim in India," Sardar Surjit Singh added.

Sardar Surjit Singh Bedi wants Pakistanis to accept the suggestion of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who said recently that India is "ready to promote friendship with Pakistan."

Radio Pakistan's authorities must understand that in India, whichever the party is in power, the government will follow the constitution and those in position of authority will act beyond their religious identities and respect plurality of the country.

The Right to Equality given to all citizens of the country under Indian Constitution always ensures that no community ever get any chance to deprive any other community from its freedom to prosper and carry on with its religious identity.

Can one hope that Punjabi Durbar broadcast programme producers will understand the reality in Punjab? (ANI)

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