Fish are likely to exhibit natural behavior in large groups rather than small

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Washington, June 30 (ANI): A new research has determined that fish are more likely to exhibit natural behavior in a home aquarium in large groups, rather than when kept alone or in pairs.

Scientists at the Universities of Plymouth and Exeter in the UK conducted the research.

In line with the aim to establish welfare guidelines for fish, these researchers have been collaborating with the WALTHAM Centre for Pet Nutrition, examining healthy stocking densities and the use of novel objects with fish commonly kept in home aquaria.

This current research looked at two common aquaria species, neon tetras and white cloud mountain minnows.

According to Dr Katherine Sloman from the University of Plymouth, "Fish kept alone or in pairs show higher levels of aggression than those kept in groups of ten or more; large groups are also more likely to exhibit natural behaviours such as shoaling."

Further research is needed to ascertain the criteria for fish welfare in home aquaria.

The results of these studies, funded by the WALTHAM Centre for Pet Nutrition, should go some way to improving welfare for these environmentally, economically and socially important and interesting animals. (ANI)

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