'Aslam Jinnah is not Muhammad Ali Jinnah's great grandson'

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Karachi, June 30 (ANI): Liaquat Merchant, the grandson of Muhammad Ali Jinnah's sister Maryam Bai, has nullified Aslam Jinnah's claim that he is the great grandson of the founder of Pakistan.

"He might belong to Nathoo Poonja's family, who is Muhammad Ali Jinnah's father's brother, but he does not directly belong to the Quaid's family and I say this firmly on the basis of my personal knowledge," the Daily Times quoted Merchant, as saying.

Recently, the Pakistan Government had announced that Aslam Jinnah would be given a house, car and a monthly allotment of 50, 000 rupees.

"I do not object to the government giving him (Aslam Jinnah) anything, but he must stop introducing himself as Quaid-e-Azam's family member. All I am concerned with is the fact that Aslam Jinnah is not from Quaid-e-Azam's family and nothing else," said Merchant, the great grandson of (Jinnah's sister).

He was recently invited to present Jinnah's Anthology, which has been published recently.

Merchant said that Jinnah's father was Jina Poonja and his uncles were Walji Poonja and Nathoo Poonja.

"Only Walji Poonja's son is alive and lives in Khaaradar," he said.

Jinnah had four sisters, including Rehmat Bai, Mariam bai, Ahmed Shirin Bai and Fatima Jinnah, Merchant said.

He said Nusli Wadia, the son of Jinnah's daughter Dina Wadia still lives in Mumbai with his two sons Jay Wadia and Ness Wadia.

Merchant, 68, said his last name comes from the fact that his father, Habib Hussain, was a Mumbai based businessman.

Merchant is a reputed lawyer in Karachi and his daughter Fouzia and son Akbar, are also lawyers. (ANI)

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