Facebook is the new recruitment site for Mafia!

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London, Jun 29: Be careful if you are one of those who is addicted to the Mafia Wars game on Facebook, as the real Mafia may be watching you! According to a report, mobsters are using social networking site Facebook to attract wannabe gangsters.

Sicilian gangsters are targeting members who have joined online groups dedicated to Cosa-Nostra's godfathers.

An 18-year-old Italian, who posted messages of support for caged 'boss of bosses' Bernardo Provenzano is one of such fans.

"I joined a group dedicated to Provenzano," the Daily Star quoted Sicilian-born youth Alessandro as saying.

"Then I got a message from a man asking me to meet him in Sicily.

"He said his clan wanted young people to collect -protection money from businesses in Palermo.

"He said he was well-connected and I'd be looked after. He said his people were only recruiting Sicilians because of blood ties and were using facebook fan pages as part of their drive.

"I didn't take up the offer but I have friends who are involved and it is a very dangerous business.

"I took my profile down. You cannot mess with these people," the youth added.

Some 165 Facebookers have joined his fan page.

Anti-mafia activists have called for the pages to be banned, but Facebook has refused to pull them.


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