Science museum in Coimbatore seeks to dispel social dogmas

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Coimbatore, June 28 (ANI): A unique museum in Coimbatore not only showcases marvels of science and technology, but also dispels superstitious notions with an essence of rationalism.

Usually, there is a regular stream of visitors thronging this museum, named the 'Methods of Science.

B. Premanand, who is the founder of the Committee for the Investigations of the Paranormal of India, had set up this museum with the help of some like-minded friends and rationalists like Narendra Nayak, who is also the President of Indian Rationalist Association.

Narendra Nayak feels that this museum is totally different from other museums as it disproves almost all the superstitious beliefs.

"This museum is basically different from all the museums that you see. In rest of the museums we emphasise on technology and other things like showing the latest thing in a particular field. This museum emphasises on the methods of science by which we can think, reason out and come to various conclusion about almost everything that happens in our everyday life," said Narendra Nayak, President, Indian Rationalist Association and co-founder Methods of Science Museum, Coimbatore.

The main focus of this museum is to create a scientific temper amongst the general public and make them realise that science unlike religion is not dogmatic and theories are open for scrutiny.

This museum takes the visitors through 19 sections on various methodologies of science, history of science, the development and the life and achievements of eminent scientists.

Sequential presentations of the methodologies with lucid illustrations make it easy for a layman to imbibe the scientific temper in a single visit in the museum.

"From this museum we come to know how and where we are lacking from the basic things and small matters. We need to change many things about our lifestyle, life cycle and scientific reasons regarding the formation of earth. This method of science museum is very useful for us and one should surely visit the place," noted Selvi, a visitor. (ANI)

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