Left Front govt. neglected West Bengal: A.B. Bardhan

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New Delhi, June 28 (ANI): Communist Party of India's General Secretary A. B. Bardhan has criticised the West Government saying it is guilty of neglect in not doing anything for the masses, especially the tribals, after carrying out agrarian reforms.

Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) is in charge of the Left Government in West Bengal.

The CPI leader, during an interview to a chanel, also said thathis party was not consulted on administration describing this attitude as one of the "failings" of the CPI-M led Government, which, he said was run like a single-party government.

"Incompetence is a very harsh word. But I must say an element of neglect...an element of not undertaking the actual work they should have done, particularly in areas inhabited by tribal people. There is a need for paying special attention to the tribal people, development and all that," Bardhan said.

Though the Left Front government had undertaken agrarian reforms in the state, he said the administration had not gone ahead and done more.

"About 75 per cent of the tribal people are beneficiaries of the agrarian reforms. Beyond that, you have to do something more," Bardhan added.

Asked if the Left Front government's incompetence was the reason for Lalgarh situation, Bardhan said: "They neglected it. Yes, I will say so...particularly it has been aggravated in the last 10 years."

Asked why he did not advice the Left Front government, he said: "No. At that time, there was no question of me giving any advice. In fact, the government was being run as a one-party government more or less."

Bardhan said the Maoists found "a fertile soil" due to the alienation of the people, particularly tribals, from the government and the ruling parties.

On Mamta Banerjee, Bardhan alleged she was willing to join hands with the Maoists and the latter were willing to help her. (ANI)

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