Child labour rampant in Firozabad's famous bangle industry

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Firozabad (UP), June 28 (ANI): The Sadar Bazar of Firozabad is not only famous for the clinking colourful bangles, but also for the infamous 'Child Labour Market' where one can hire the children a-la the Roman slave market of yore.

Defying anti-child labour laws, the bangle industry continues to exploit the rights of hundreds of children here.

"I work in bangle factory, work for eight hours and manage to earn 30 to 35 rupees day. I have no time for studies and I do not have an option," said Vikrant, a child labour.

As for the reports of children being hired for labour, the concerned authorities feigned ignorance and even refuted any such practices in their jurisdiction.

"Well it is not in my knowledge but if you are saying then I will check. Last year some children were found to be working in bangle warehouses and basically they are in the testing units where the bangles are tested. I have gone and seen them and I must tell you that they go to school and after school they come and work for 2 or 2 and half hours," said Madhur Singh, Assistant Labour Commissioner.

Although there is no confirmed data available on the total number of children employed in Firozabad's bangle industry, but it is estimated that hundreds of child laborers are currently working in some 400 registered bangle units of the city.

Millions of children across the nation work under hazardous conditions to produce firecrackers, textile ancillaries, hand-rolled cigarettes and glass industries.

They are often exposed to chemicals and open furnaces spewing toxic gases. (ANI)

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