Meet the twin sisters who look the same and score the same

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New Delhi, June 27 (ANI): Twin sisters Zang Jiahuan and Zang Jiale left people in their village in Shaoxing, east China's Zhejiang Province, wondering after they got the same scores on this year's national college entrance examination.

The sister duo took the annual college entrance exams at the beginning of this June.

But when they received the results showing that both of them had scored 644 points, they were shocked.

Their marks even left villagers wondering whether the two girls could read each other's minds, according to a story on

When asked whether anything like that had ever happened before, the girls said in unison: "We never expected it. This is the only case."

In fact, the girls repeatedly finished each other's sentences, triggering telepathy-related speculation.

As part of an experiment, the sisters were asked questions about their lives, and they always answered in one voice.

That stunned onlookers, and it was concluded that telepathy did exist between the sisters, reports

But, Xu Yi, a doctor in Zhejiang No. 1 Hospital denied the conjecture.

He said that it was not unusual for twins to get the same or similar scores on tests because identical twins are born with the same genes, which decide their personality, intelligence and ways of thinking. (ANI)

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