World's second cloned buffalo calf 'Garima' born in Haryana

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Karnal (Haryana), June 24 (ANI): A team of veterinary scientists of the National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI) at Karnal in Haryana has successfully conceptualised the birth of the world's second cloned buffalo calf.

The scientists tried out a new and advanced mode known as 'Hand-guided Cloning Technique'.

The buffalo calf named Garima is a female and it was born through caesarean operation. The weight of the baby calf was around 43 kilograms at the time of birth.

According to the scientists, Garima is healthy and having normal weight gain likes other naturally born calves.

This cloning technique developed at NDRI, Karnal, has the potential to create elite breed of buffaloes of desired sex which will contribute in further increasing India's milk production.

Dr. A.K. Srivastav headed the team of the scientists comprising of Dr. S K Singla, Dr. R S Manik, Dr. M S Chauhan, Dr. P Palta, Dr. Shiv Parsad, Dr. R S Shah and Dr. A George.

Keeping in view the fact of shortage of outstanding he-buffaloes, the 'Hand-guided Cloning' can decrease this gap and supply the bulls in the shortest possible time.

The world's first ever-cloned buffalo calf was also born at NDRI on February 6, 2009 but it died within a week due to pneumonia. (ANI)

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