Ex-French President still 'unsettled' by Silvio Berlusconi's womanising ways

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London, June 19 (ANI): Former French President Jacques Chirac has revealed that he was left startled by Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's rather "unseemly" interest with the opposite sex.

On Wednesday, Berlusconi denied that young women had been paid to attend parties at his villas.

But adding fuel to the fire, Chirac, 76, described what he saw as Berlusconi's guest at one of his properties, in the absence of his wife Bernadette.

According to by l'Express magazine, Chirac allegedly told a fellow guest that he was still "unsettled" by the "rather strange guy".

Berlusconi's interest in women was quite evident when he was showing off the bathroom to Chirac.

According to the Telegraph, the Italian premier pointed to the bidet, and exclaimed: "You have no idea how many pairs of buttocks that bidet has welcomed."

The ex-French President was even taken aback by the numerous magazines featuring naked women that were allegedly strewn around the villa.

"I leafed through one; it was rather unseemly. And then I asked him why he left all these magazines lying around," said Chirac.

In response, Berlusconi reportedly pointed to the pictures and said: "I've had this one here; that one too..."

Berlusconi's aides have said that he knew nothing about the alleged payment to young women for attending parties.

"To think that Berlusconi needs to pay 2,000 euros (œ1,700) a girl, for her to go with him, seems to me a bit much. I think he could have great quantities of them for free," said his lawyer, Niccolo Ghedini. (ANI)

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