Cranes Software announces the release of its powerful die analysis solution

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Bangalore, June 16 (ANI/Business Wire India): Cranes Software announces the latest release of its powerful die analysis solution, eta/DYNAFORM Version 5.7.

This release has over 90 new and enhanced features. While maintaining its status as the most cost-effective solution of its type it features the addition of over 50 new steel and aluminum materials, an expanded Die Structural Analysis module, as well as a host of new and improved functions.

"DYNAFORM's expanded Die Structural Analysis (DSA) module will surely help to increase manufacturing efficiency and productivity. Within DSA, a scrap shedding and removal function can help prevent line shutdown caused by the failure of scrap to exit the workstation," said Abraham Keisoglou, Head, Cranes Engineering Group.

Also incorporated in the expanded DSA module is the ability to simulate the transfer of metal as it progresses through the manufacturing process and to predict interference between the work-piece and tools from simulated part deformation. Additionally, the module allows the user to simulate operational loads to analyze die structural integrity and generate FEA models of the structure.

Several new and enhanced Pre and Post Processing features are also included in this newest release. Some examples include a new tonnage prediction function, the ability to free format input into the material library and an enhanced meshing tool which allows the user better control over small size parts.

DYNAFORM's quick and easy AutoSetup feature includes an enhanced function to edit single point constraints (SPCs), which now supports tube symmetry for hydro-forming and also offers automatic calculation of adaptive frequency based on tool travel distance.

Development of the popular Blank Size Engineering (BSE) and Die Face Engineering (DFE) modules has also been advanced. New functions include Quick Unfold, Batch BSE, Batch MSTEP, Sidestep, Double-Attach Tipping, Fillet Mesh, Double Fill, Die Trim and Addendum Control Profile. (ANI)

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