US house passes bill to triple US aid to Pak

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Washington, Jun 12: The bill proposing to triple the US aid to Pak was approved by a divided house of Representatives on Thursday, Jun 11. With this bill passed, the US aid to Pakistan has risen to 1.5 billion dollars per annum.

However, the house of Representatives passed the bill after imposing conditions on the provision of the aid. The house imposed strict accountability conditions on Islamabad on its fight against terrorism and nuclear non-proliferation.

The House passed the Pakistan Enduring Assistance and Cooperation Enhancement (PEACE) Act 2009 by a roll call vote of 234 to 185. Before the vote, Chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs Horward Berman said the legislation will help to lay the foundation for a stronger and more stable Pakistan.

"We are simply asking Pakistan to follow through with the commitments it has already made. And in the process, we lay down an important marker that Congress will no longer provide a blank cheque," Berman said.

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