Here's the 50 pounds 1979 VW Golf that can run faster than a Bugatti

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London, June 11 (ANI): A father of three in England is the proud owner of a 1979 VW Golf that can blow away a Bugatti Veyron supercar.

Forty-two-year-old Andy Waite, of Fordham, Cambridgeshire, purchased the Mk 1 Golf for fifty pounds, about 1million pounds less than the price of the Bugatti, the world's most expensive motor.

He spent 60,000 pounds on modifications, including a custom-built turbocharged engine.

His car can now scorch from 0-60mph in just 2.36 seconds, which is faster than the Veyron, which takes a tenth of a second longer.

With a top speed of 180mph, the Golf can even beat the Bugatti in a quarter-mile dash.

Even though Andy drives his "monster" motor in drag races, he says that it is fully road legal and runs on unleaded fuel.

"The biggest problem is that once you get over 160 you can only drive it in a straight line because the steering goes wobbly," British tabloid The Sun quoted him as saying. (ANI)

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