Man drinks daughter's breast milk to cure his cancer

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London, May 29 (ANI): Tim Browne, a cancer victim, is drinking his daughter's breast milk every morning to keep the disease at bay.

Retired teacher Tim has been diagnosed with terminal colon and liver cancer.

After reading a research which showed that a protein in the milk can destroy cancer cells in children, Browne - who went through chemotherapy in vain -asked daughter Georgia to express milk for him.

Georgia has an eight-month-old son, reports The Sun.

Tim, 67, pours it on his breakfast cereal. He says it tastes "not unpleasant, but slightly pungent".

Georgia said: "A man in America had prostate cancer and swore drinking breast milk every day reduced his tumours."

Dr Lori Feldman-Winter, of Cooper University Hospital, New Jersey, confirmed: "There is promising research indicating the solution for treating and curing cancer might be in human milk."(ANI)

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