Afghan: Schoolgirls 'poisoned', Taliban suspected

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Afgahnistan: Schoolgirls
Kabul, May 12: In the third case of alleged gas poisoning about 89 Afghan schoolgirls have been hospitalized. And the doctors of the northern Afghanistan and police are investigating if it was a case of deliberate poisoning.

Scores of girls went to the hospital on Monday, May 11 complaining of illness. While several girls passed out, one girl reported to have smelt something in classroom.

Associated Press quoted Wasima as saying, I was inside the class when I smelt a smell. They did not allow us to go out at the beginning. When I came out I felt a headache coming on. I went home, then I felt the headache again and then my family brought me to the hospital."

Another girl said, "I think there will be a decrease in the number of girl students. That is what I heard from poisoned girls' mothers here at the hospital. They were saying to their daughters; 'We do not want to lose you. It is better for you to leave the school'. Because of this poisoning we are facing lots of problems."

Parwan province Police Chief, General Khalil Ziaye told Associated Press that the case is being investigated.

Media reports suggest the hand of Taliban in the incident as they oppose the idea of girls going to school.

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