Kashmiri Wazwan available in packed tins

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Srinagar, May 6 (ANI): Buoyed up by its demand from around the world, food processing units in Kashmir are planning to cash-in on the popularity of their most famous cuisine Wazwan and offering it in tinned packs to increase its reach.

These recently introduced Wazwan tins have already become a craze in the Kashmir valley.

The non-vegetarian delicacies available in tin packings include Goshtabas, Ristas and Lehbi Kababs while vegetarian delicacies include Nadroo Yakhni and Nadroo Palak.

The owners of food processing unit informed that the idea behind offering Wazwan in tin packs was to make available Kashmiri delicacies on a global scale.

"We thought Wazwan should be available to the world also. That was the whole idea about doing this cuisine in ready to eat; easy to open cans which we are having. We have around 16 varieties available with us as on date in Wazwan," said Raja Imitiaz, a food processing unit owner.

The Federation of Kashmir Chamber of Industries believes that tin packing of Wazwan will help to organise this sector and increase its business many fold.

"If we bring Wazwan industry in organised sector, in just ten years through this industry, we can achieve export of Rs. 50 billion. Because we have buyers from all around be it Middle East or Europe. They are ready to take Wazwan. We have received good response in every place. We have exhibition of Wazwan," said Shaqeel Qalander, President, Federation of Kashmir Chamber of Industries.

The Kashmiri cuisine, in full course known as 'Wazwan' consists of 36 varieties of food, of which 15 to 30 are meat preparations.

The history of modern Kashmiri cuisine can be traced back to the 15th century invasion of India by Timur, and the migration of 1700 skilled woodcarvers, weavers, architects, calligraphers and cooks from Samarkand to the valley of Kashmir.

The descendants of these cooks, the Wazas, are the master chefs of Kashmir. y Parvez Butt (ANI)

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