Jihad not a must for Kashmiris: Sufi Muhammad

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Rawalpindi, May 3: The Tehrik Nifaz Shariat-e-Muhammadi (TNSM) chief Sufi Muhammad has said that 'jihad' or the holy war was not compulsory in Kashmir as the people there are struggling for freedom and a new state and not for implementing 'shariah'

Muhammad attacked the democratic system and termed it as 'Kufar' (infidelity).  He said it was useless to back democratic forces in the country.

"Even I do not offer prayer under pro-democracy people," the Daily Times quoted Muhammad, as saying.

When asked about the countries such as Saudi Arabia and Iran where Islamic law had been in practice for years, Muhammad said such countries do not practice real Islamic shariah system.

He said 'jihad' was not being carried out across the world to establish the Islamic law all over.

"Today there is no place in the world where 'Jihad Bil Qataal' (holy war) is taking place," Muhammad added.

Explaining about the don'ts that females must obey under the Islamic rule, Muhammad added : "Women were not allowed to go out of their homes except for Haj, and there was no need for a wife's permission in 'jihad'.


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