Humans 'can't distinguish pate from dog food'

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Washington, May 2 (ANI): People might one day be eating dog food, for a new study has found that it tastes as good as liverwurst or duck liver mousse.

The researchers found that people can't differentiate in the flavour of dog foods with that of normal human foods.

In the study involving 18 subjects, the research team separately put organic Canned Turkey and Chicken Formula for Puppies/Active Dogs, duck liver mousse, pork liver pâté, liverwurst, and spam in a food processor.

Pâté is a mixture of minced meat and fat in the form of spreadable paste, generally made from a finely ground or chunky mixture of meats and liver, and often with additional fat, vegetables, herbs, spices or wine.

The resulting product was put into five different bowls and garnished with parsley.

They found that although the volunteers didn't exactly prefer the dog food, they couldn't identify it either.

"Only 3 of 18 subjects correctly identified sample C as the dog food," CBS News quoted the paper as stating.

"Although human beings do not enjoy eating dog food, they are also not able to distinguish its flavour profile from other meat-based products that are intended for human consumption," the authors added. (ANI)

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