Obesity on the rise amongst Dehradun students

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Dehradun, May 1 (ANI): Students in affluent schools in Dehradun are growing obese due to lack of exercise and unhealthy eating habits.

The students believe that the cause for their being obese is lack of sports activities. They believe that that they do not get enough exercise as most of their time is taken up by studies.

"There is a lot of pressure of studies. The school does not pay attention on sports. There is Chinese food and junk food available in the school. And children obviously like it more," said Faizal Ahmed, a student, St. Joseph's school.

The students get junk food in their school canteens so they are naturally gravitated towards it.

"I play very little sports as there is a lot of pressure because of studies. And because I eat junk food so fat increases because of that," said Deepanshu, another student.

The doctors believe that obesity can lead to many diseases especially diabetes if it sets in an early age.

"Obesity is on the rise amongst children. It can cause diabetes. They only eat and that too junk food. There is a lack of exercise. And the high calorie food increases fat. If we see statistically, diabetes is rising amongst people less than 30 years of age. Diabetes will also be the main cause for blindness till 2020," said Dr. A.K Khanna, a child specialist.

Sedentary lifestyle has become an issue of concern amongst children and youngsters all over the world leading to many health problems at an early age. By Ashish Goel (ANI)

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