'We two, our two hundred' seems to be slogan of joint family in MP

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Jalalpur (Gwalior), Apr 22 (ANI): An inimitable family in a village in Madhya Pradesh consists of 150 family members belonging to four generations.

People residing in the Jalalpur village feel that their village is an eighth wonder of the world.

Sukhlal Rao Maratha, the 80-year-old head of the family, has two wives.

From his first wife, he had eleven children and from his second wife, he had nine children.

Now, both Sukhram and his second wife, Draupadi along with their fourth generation are quite content in their lives.

Sukhlal Rao said that he did every possible thing for bringing up his children.

"I used to slog for hours by working in the fields, shaving beards of people.

I just slept for two hours a day and if there used to be any work at night, I even did that. In this way, I earned and brought up my children," said Sukhlal Maratha.

Even after having such a big family, the Marathas are not facing any difficulty in maintaining it.

The Village head, Pritam Singh Lodhi is quite surprised with the way the Maratha family stays together without any qualms.

"We tell them that there is a slogan by the government on family planning saying 'Hum do, Humaare do'. But this family has a new slogan, 'Hum Do, Humare Do sow' . Sometimes, I tell them not to give birth to so many children as it would be hard to bring them up. But they say that if each child earned just 100 rupees, they will have enough money," said Lodhi.

After the father, it's now Sukhlal's son who is planning to carry forward his family tradition.

The Maratha family has ignored the slogan on family planning. By Ashok Pal (ANI)

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