Tibetans in India demonstrate against award of death sentence

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Dharamshala, Apr 22 (ANI): Tibetans living in-exile in India condemned the Chinese regime sentencing a fellow Tibetan to death and another two for long jail terms for starting fires in two downtown clothing shops on March 14, 2008, which killed six people.

Holding candlelight and placards, Tibetans marched through the streets of Dharamsala to express their solidarity with the convicted fellows.

"We got news from inside Tibet that three Tibetan women have been sentenced, one to death sentence with two years reprieve, one to life imprisonment and one to ten years imprisonment. It reflects all the current crisis and situation that is very much prevailing inside Tibet. Tibetans in exile are really anxious. We fear the tragedy that has be fallen Tibet these days," said Dhadon, a Tibetan protestor.

Even foreigners joined in the protest march to show their solidarity with the Tibetans.

"I am here to support Tibetans in their cause and to protest against the death sentence that been given to these young girls. I think they are fighting a good struggle. I want to support it because the whole world should know more about it," said Pauler, a tourist from Auckland.

A Chinese court in Tibet sentenced one Penkyi (aged 21) of Sakya County to 'suspended death penalty', who the NGOs and monitoring agencies of India claim is a woman.

The order reads that the death sentence is qualified with a two years reprieve. It means that Penkyi's sentence will likely be commuted to life in prison if he/she commits no further offenses in the next two years.

The other two, one of whom was also named Penkyi (aged 23) from Nyinmo County was sentenced to life imprisonment, while Chime Lhamo (aged 20) was sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment.

The report by the Tibetan Government-in-exile described the latter Penkyi as a 23-year old woman and the other as a 20-year old Chime Lhamo.

Earlier, a court in Lhasa had sentenced two other Tibetans, Lobsang Gyaltsen and Loyak, to death for their alleged roles in separate arson attacks. They were found guilty of 'igniting fatal fires' during the riots. (ANI)

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