Bill Clinton's solution to 'Slumdog' woes

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New York, April 20 (ANI): Former US President Bill Clinton has said that it is necessary to confront and resolve 'Slumdog' realities in India.

The 62-year-old had been reacting to drastic conditions in the country, the recent one being when father of "Slumdog Millionaire" star Rubina Ali Qureshi had allegedly decided to put her up on the black market for 300,000 pounds.

And it was to this incident, reported by News of the World, that Clinton offered his part of the solution.

"It doesn't matter what you can't do, it matters what you can do. Whether we like it or not, it matters to us what happens to to people halfway around the world," the New York Daily News quoted him as saying.

Speaking of the film, he said: "In the opening scene, these kids are playing stickball in the Mumbai airport on the runway while the planes are trying to land and the police come and the kids run off.

"When the kids run back to the slum, they run over the Mumbai landfill - an endless garbage dump of hundreds and hundreds of acres - and there are people living there scavenging in the dump just looking for something to do.

"We're trying to help places [like that] close those dumps and turn them from public nuisance into a moneymaker.

"The scavengers can make a living as recyclers and earn enough money to make a living." (ANI)

|Michael Sucsy initially rejected Drew Barrymore for his flick|Entertainment[New York{New York, Apr 20 (ANI): Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore may be a huge celebrity but she too has faced rejection.

When director Michael Sucsy was making the flick 'Grey Gardens', he was suggested Barrymore's name, but he thought she was not right for the role.

"One of the producers had mentioned Drew's name and I was like, 'Nah, she's not right," the New York Post quoted Michael, as telling

However, Michael was pushed further and Drew was finally auditioned for the role and she won it.

The flick is based on the life stories of the eccentric aunt and first cousin of Jackie Onassis. (ANI)

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