Punjab border village residents feel fettered

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Muhar Jamsher (Firozpur), Apr 10 (ANI): Villagers in Muhar Jamsher in Punjab are facing difficulties on account of restrictions on their movement, due to the strategic location of the village.

Situated along the LoC in district Firozpur, Muhar Jamsher has Pakistan on its three sides and on the fourth side it has a gate erected by the Border Security Force (BSF).

The villagers complain that frequent frisking by the BSF is creating problems for them. Our village lies on the border and is encircled on all the four sides by fencing and there is a small gate. To go from that gate is a great difficulty. BSF people thoroughly frisk us before letting us go. If we purchase groceries from the shop, get something to eat, buy flour, grain, we are frisked, " said Satnam Singh, a villager.

Even in emergencies, they say, they have to take permission to cross the gate.We have a broken road upto five km from our village. Whenever there is a little rain, we can't commute through bicycle or motorcycle. We can only walk. Secondly, we face difficulty during late hours when we have to pass through gate, when there is some emergency. Before passing the gate, we have to take permission. After 2-3 hours, we get permission. The time we reach hospital, it is 10:00 p.m. 12.00 p.m. or even at times 1.00 a.m.. Doctors are not available by that time. We face great difficulty," said Karnal Singh, another villager.

The village also lacks basic amenities. The village has only one primary school. After the fifth standard, the children have to cover a distance of 15km to attend school.

Living in such adverse conditions, the villagers feel that they are still not independent and continue to be the prisoners of adverse situations.

As election is fast approaching, villagers feel leaders will come to them and promise moon. But after the elections are over, no body will bother about them. By Avtar Singh Gill (ANI)

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